New Church Stirs Controversy


First Presbyterian Church of Big Bob Lane has stirred controversy in the past. When Rev. Patty Loomis converted the sanctuary into a skating rink on Sunday mornings many balked. But the packed sanctuary that was a mix of short positive reflections, sung prayers and praise music seemed very popular. It was advertised as “Jesus on Speed!”

Yet, it was when First Church announced that they would be opening an adjacent restaurant many in the community balked. This turned to horror when the fiberglass cowboy was erected where the cross used to stand. This cowboy was called Big Bob. It’s towering presence was overshadowed only by its booming voices inviting people to come on in and eat.

Rev. Loomis claims, “If you are serving something good at church you should always be packed.”

Sister Frances Wolverton contends that this is an “abomination to Jesus Christ.”

Whatever your opinion of its theology, on a culinary level Big Bob’s Corned Beef Hash is not to be beat.


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