Discernment Group Journeys Into Chaos


“It really is quite disturbing. It was meant to be something so positive and things just went horribly wrong” Rev. Michael Stevenson confesses.

Over the weekend First Presbyterian Church of Elliot Pass held a lay retreat for discernment to help “our brother’s and sisters understand where they are on the journey of faith.” The brochure also lauded the event as being run by nationally know spiritual director Erma Staple. Yet, when Erma cancelled at the last minute organizers decided to go on with the event.

“I really think that the homemade sweat lodge was the real big mistake. Third degree burns and Jerry having flashbacks from Vietnam. It really descended into chaos when the vision quest turned into a search and rescue,” organizer Milly Samuels revealed.

Cards can be sent to both County Hospital’s ICU and the Mental Health Unit.


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