Presbyterian Foundation Announcement

wills and bequests

The Presbyterian Foundation released a statement on rumors that a cleaning lady named Mona will be their next President.

“We have not in the past, nor in the future believed it to be prudent stewardship of our financial obligations to vest our leadership in someone of Mona Tisdale’s station. If Mona becomes someone with credentials and a track record of running financial institutions then she would be a fine candidate. We believe that the recent rumors have been spread by various entities that would like to see the destruction of our institution. We will vigorously oppose wild and excessive expenditures of money. Safe and steady has always been a motto here at the Foundation and we believe that falls well within the Presbyterian tradition.”

Dr. Marvin Sneddon could not be found for a comment, but many of the cars in the Foundation’s parking lot had flyers under the windshield that said, “Repent, the day of the Lord is near!”


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