Local Name Floated As Next Foundation President


Local elder Mona Tinsdale’s name has risen to the top of candidates for the President of the Presbyterian Foundation. Currently the interim position is held by Richard H.C. Clay a well known lawyer and philanthropist in the Louisville area.

Mona professes bewilderment at becoming a final candidate for the Foundation saying, “I forwarded my application as joke amongst the cleaning crew that I work. I saw it on the job board in the offices that I cleaned.”

During her interview Mona claims that the search committee was impressed by her ability to work with other governing bodies in the church and that she was not afraid to spend money for the betterment of the church as a whole.

“She is just the right person to understand that a shift is taking place and that we can no longer look at institutions as banks,” says controversial theologian Rev. Dr. Marvin Sneddon.

An anonymous Member of the Search Committee replied, “I have never seen an application by Mona, I think I know which one of the cleaners she is, although I am not on a first name bases with any of them. Someone in her position would never even make it past the first reading, please. I think this is another one of Dr. Sneddon’s pranks.”


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