Toby Wolverton Goes To Louisville


In a surprise to everyone who knows him Toby Wolverton has been hired to head the little known Office of Technology Transition from Projectors and Blackboards for the Presbyterian Church in Louisville. Sister Francis Wolverton’s grandson from her third marriage Toby has previously worked at the 7/11 on I 294 until the unfortunate mudslide destroyed all the businesses in that corridor.

“I was as shocked as anyone” Frances Wolverton claims. “I didn’t even know that he applied. To be frank he is sort of slow. This makes four relatives in the Louisville area that work at the Center. I can’t imagine how my family got so fortunate, I think it must be God’s blessing.”


2 Responses to “Toby Wolverton Goes To Louisville”

  1. Dianna Ott Says:

    We’ve been waiting for someone with Toby’s skills for a very long time. I’ve notified the cake baking committee to find out what flavor he’d prefer for his welcome reception.

  2. pastorofdisaster Says:

    I am so glad that you can welcome him with open arms. Say hi to Eunice Wolverton as well.

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