Middle of the Road


The Presbytery of Silly Walks in the Pines has forwarded a resolution to the General Assembly of the PCUSA that there no longer be any radicalism on either side of an issue 630 to 20. It suggests that from now on everything that is passed through GA should be moderate in nature.

Generally Executive Presbyter Georgia Smith contends, “In a mostly white, middle to upper middle class, educated and homogenous denomination it is important for us to not get too radical. People will leave and we know that smaller is not what Jesus intended. Plus, most of the church is moderate, even the churches that say that they are progressive are really moderate. Why should we have to constantly listen to these fringe people? We think that this will make church a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience.”

Not everyone in the Presbytery agrees with the resolution that is being pushed by the Presbytery. Local theologian Rev. Dr. Marvin Sneddon countered, “the whole idea of a representational democracy is that even if they don’t win the vote minorities have a voice. If we take away their voice then it will be a tyranny. Just because the majority is tired of hearing what they consider the fringe that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a right to a voice. Moderates have a right to counter such voices strongly. It is the right to speak, even if painful, that makes democracy great.”


4 Responses to “Middle of the Road”

  1. guerrilla giving Says:

    Incredibly sad when an institution exists, seemingly, only for self-perpetuation. Tepid, boring, tragic if not pathetic. What a statement–We’re white, wealthy, educated. If you’re not–bug off! The PCUSA is by no means alone in this outlook of complete indifference to Christ’s call to a radical justice that is subversive/messy/inclusive/pointed. It’s statements and actions like these that, in large part, made my decision to leave ministry inevitable. Now, for me, the institutional church is the last place I’d look to discover the gospel in action.

  2. guerrilla giving Says:

    Ah, you got me! 🙂 Truth is, as you know, this sort of resolution isn’t that far off the truth. While rarely spoken, these sentiments are precisely what many folks in the pew think.

    Look forward to more of your spoof-foolery.

  3. pastorofdisaster Says:

    I was hoping you would see the thinly veiled joke. Thanks for the comments.

  4. Becki Says:

    I love these — even though some of them are close enough to the truth to be a little uncomfortable. Like this one!

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