Presbytery of Silly Walks Decides To Pay Minister’s Salaries


The Presbytery of Silly Walks in the Pines has decided to move toward the Scottish model for clergy pay. From now on minister’s pay will come from the Presbytery directly. For years inequalities amongst clergy have been complained about in private and the Committee on Ministry believes that this is the only equitable solution.

Committee on Ministry Chair Cynthia Bolbach claims, “It may seem radical at this time, but this was actually the norm in the past. It just makes equal pay for equal work. This will mean women will get paid the same as their male counterparts. The larger churches pay their per capita and the smaller churches pay their per capita. If they want a minister they have to keep paying their per capita.”

Conservatives have targeted this change as rank socialism. Moderator of the Men of the Laity Tommy Bilson complains, “Why shouldn’t someone who serves a big church get paid a lot more, that is capitalism? Most women only want the positions that they are in now anyway.”


2 Responses to “Presbytery of Silly Walks Decides To Pay Minister’s Salaries”

  1. The Rev'd Dr. Hedg E. Mony, Jr. Says:

    After all, why should smaller churces with tight budgets be tempted to settle for women ministers, just because theycost a little less?

  2. BobbieMcG Says:

    I love it! LOL

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