Lawsuit Settled in Baptism Baby Drop


As many of you know the Moderator of the General Assembly Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow has been embroiled in a lawsuit for the last three months. Court documents show that he is accused of fumbling an infant during a baptism. Although the infant was not injured the parents have sued for pain and suffering. On thursday sources close to the case say it was concluded amicably.

“She was wet and squirming, the real problem was that Bruce got her good and wet,” an unidentified Mission Bay parishioner commented.

Bruce’s lawyer commented, “I have no comments.”

Bruce declined to talk to the press about the incident and has been seen in the sanctuary after hours practicing with one of his daughter’s dolls.


2 Responses to “Lawsuit Settled in Baptism Baby Drop”

  1. Mark Says:

    Even after all of this, Reyes-Chow was not cowed.

    “I may have fumbled, but we’ll stop Satan on downs!”

    There is some question of how tired Reyes-Chow is after all of his travels, and when he might make sense again.

    Mark Smith, Stated Clerk, PSWP

  2. walk Says:

    I’m always afraid I’ll drop a squirmy toddler.

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