Church Signs


We know that many of our churches subscribe to putting up eye catching phrases on their church’s signs to make people in their community think or attract visitors. So, we thought that at the Piney Walk News we would give you some our favorites from around the Presbytery:

1. Come See If You Are Part of God’s Vote, It’s Election Day!
2. Tiptoe Through the TULIPs
3. You Made Me Love You, But I Didn’t Want to Do It
4. When You Visit First Presbyterian Grace You Will Find Grace Irresistible
5. Oldies but Goodies
6. Credal, Historical Critical, Penal Substitutionary Atonement Based Church!
7. Just Because We Don’t Introduce Ourselves, Don’t Feel Unwelcome.
8. Warning: Reformed and Always Reforming
9. All Are Welcome*


One Response to “Church Signs”

  1. RobMonroe Says:

    You forgot the one that was on the sign at my church for YEARS:

    CH CH – What’s missing? U R.

    I’m so glad that some teenager destroyed that sign because of careless driving – now we have a really nice one with no opportunity for “catchy” phrases!

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