Tea Party at First Church


When Fox News organized the recent tea parties Mary Olive listened. She knew that she must fight against socialism, fascism and higher taxes. So, Mary organized a tea party at First Church of Consoling Run.

“It is not the first tea party that we have thrown at the church,” Mary says as she points to a 1920’s picture of women in elaborate hats drinking tea in the church’s social hall.

This time those taking pictures were Fox News. Bill O’Reilly was overheard on a cell phone saying, “Look how successful this grass roots movement that we have organized has been. Mary is going to be a national symbol.”

Holding a placard that shows President Obama as a Zulu in one hand and a hand written sign declaring AK-47’s are the new Pitchforks! she stood at the podium to make a fiery speech.

“We must teach these officials that they are not in charge. We need to take back our government by revolution! It has been too long that we have let them dictate to us the terms of our taxes. This is a cultural war! When we win back this fight we will fight for our children. Stopping those violent video games, violent television programs and the violent movies that have caused so much of the violence in our streets,” Mary proclaimed.


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