Various ministers and laity from Presbytery of Silly Walks in the Pines have signed a document stressing the importance of civility in public dialogue.

“We just don’t need the negativity,” local Democratic senator Bob Randal and elder of First Presbyterian Tidewater said at a rally on Saturday.

The response for manners was because of the strong emotions stirred beginning with the massive government bailouts of the Banks and Corporations causing our recent financial collapse. This anger has turned to what some consider nationalized healthcare. Some have used their rights of free speech in ways that these moderates feel is too loud and hurt their feelings.

“These ill informed, bumpkins are being silly in their anger. If they actually knew what they were talking about, and used proper English in their placards I might take them seriously. They are in fly over states that have more cattle than people. We have these learned people on both coasts, with expertise in telling the public what is best for them. It is time for these people to learn all of Emily Post and a couple passages from Jesus Christ,” sister Frances Wolverton proclaimed.


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