New Peter Marshall Recordings Found


While making her weekly look through the bins at the thrift store 90 year old Margaret Throwbottem found some old reel-to-reel tapes. At first she didn’t think too much of them, but when she asked the woman next to her to read the writing on their face she knew that she had found a rare piece of Presbyterian history. On those reels was a long lost recording of Rev. Peter Marshall preaching at New York Avenue Presbyterian Church in Washington D.C.

On the boxes it tells that it was June 15, 1951. The title of the talk or sermon was Are You A Chink In God’s Armor?

Margaret remembers the Rev. Marshall well during her college days in D.C.

“He was dreamy. Me and my friends would stand in line on Sunday to get into his church to hear him preach. If you ask me no minister has come close to his senatorial voice. Those were the days when preachers really cared about preaching the gospel” Margaret remembers. When asked which church she attends now all she made was a deep “hrmph”.


3 Responses to “New Peter Marshall Recordings Found”

  1. RevJATB (@KnowTea) Says:

    1) Is that something like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and 2) didn’t Sarah Silverman get in trouble for saying something like that?

  2. Alfredo Says:

    Obviously a fraud. Margaret would never say “Me and my friends”. Folks of her generation (and mine)would always use proper English and say “My friends and I”. For shame, you silly people!

  3. pastorofdisaster Says:


    I just quote them like I hear them. She comes from a public school education after all.

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