The Mystery of Gloria


Why didn’t Gloria smile? Who was she? Who really were all those young people that suddenly became members of First Presbyterian Church of Running Sap. Where did they go after the vote?

Many remember Gloria as the first of this group to join First a year ago. She was nice and did anything that she could for the elderly members of the congregation. Many of the oldest members of the church still talk fondly of her. This is another reason that her disappearance and this group of 40 people remains such a mystery.

Paster Leonard Perkins relates, “I remember it was right after we decided that we would not allow them to continue the Taize service that they had begun. Let me tell you, many of these younger people liked to have social time together exclusively. I think that is why none of us got to know them very well. They simply would not come to our evening meals and Bible study, no matter how often I preached on it. They wanted to do things out in the community when the rest of us really wanted to learn about the Bible. So, they met at pubs for their ‘discussions’ which I found to be very antisocial with the rest of the church.”

There have been rumors that they were a roving band of gypsy church joiners who try to force congregations to accept Gays and Lesbians. Whomever they are it appears that First Church is only now returning to normal after their appearance at that congregation.


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