Presbytery’s Sex Education Omits Word Sex


Due to too much controversy and fighting over the subject of sex the Presbytery of Silly Walk in the Pines has decided to not use the word sex itself in its adult Sunday School Curriculum. It was decided that euphemisms would be used instead. Old time terms such as “whoopie” and “laying together” have replaced the word sex.

Terms relating to sexual organs have been also changed for the reader’s protection into “Thingy” or “Our friends”. It is thought that the use of these euphemisms will help start moving awkward dialogue into silent reflection. The new material will be accompanied by a DVD by Gilbert Gottfried called, An Annoying Voice For A Tense Subject.


3 Responses to “Presbytery’s Sex Education Omits Word Sex”

  1. bobbie Says:

    well finally some sense pored into. or covered up the discussion
    of “fancy things”. as a 96 yearold parishoner put it . she did
    however blush when she told me she and her 101
    needed a new mattress because the rolled into each
    other. add her giggling and covering her

  2. Melissa Lynn DeRosia Says:

    We ought to at least return to our Biblical roots and claim the word “feet.” Uncover them and lay beside them…. it is a wonder procreation happens at all.

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