Ghost at First Church?


Is there a ghost at First Church of Pine Needle? There are strange things happening in the kitchen.

“Every time we try to change the order of the closets they end up back the way they were by next Sunday. There has even been a female voice that demands we return the 1960’s towels that someone took home to throw away,” said new kitchen chair Bonny Cleveland.

“Oh that is just Marty Stotesman,” explains 88 year old former kitchen chair Cheryl Steadman. “She was the chair before me and died in an unfortunate cole slaw chopping incident. She was that way to all of us when she was alive. So, why should she be any different in death? Although, I don’t like what those youngsters are doing in the kitchen. They want to use expensive stuff to save the environment. They are too good for the stuff we picked up at the local Wal Mart….”

This reporter ran out of paper, but the complaints went on for another 10 minutes.


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