Another Church Leaves EPCA for the PC(USA)


In what has become a trend of late another Evangelical Presbyterian Church in America has jumped ship for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). First Presbyterian Church of Glendale Isthmus has requested status in the Presbytery of Silly Walks according to Stated Clerk Mark Smith.

Elder John Brallie says that it began “when many of us became uncomfortable with the seething anger that was so much a part of that movement. Then there are the bloggers. The conservative church bloggers are like the Fox News of the church. Everything is about a conspiracy against us or God. Sometimes an amendment is just an amendment.”

The dam broke when Rev. Fuller Jameston III preached a sermon called Unity in Christ. Its contention that it was time for these factional churches to focus on Christ, instead of continually harping on General Assembly news in another denomination was soon the brunt of an attack by the lay group Presbyterian Election. The attacks became so vicious that Rev. Jameston finally decided to quit the ministry. At that point First decided enough was enough and came to the one, true Presbyterian Church.

We welcome them with the right hand of fellowship. If there are any other hurting Evangelical Presbyterian Church in America congregations out there that you know who are tired of bitterness and strife let them know there is always a welcome home in PSWP.


2 Responses to “Another Church Leaves EPCA for the PC(USA)”

  1. Drew Tatusko Says:

    sad day. to this i say. scripture scripture bible scripture bible law bible scripture!

  2. Tim Marvil Says:

    Very orginal … Hey what church is in the picture you used? I’d bet it is 1st Pres of Sparta, NJ (in an old pic).

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