Sarah Dugan’s Child Will Miss First Day of School


Sarah Dugan is clear about three things in life. First, she loves her children. Two, she is a lifelong Republican. Last she has asked Jesus Christ into her heart.

Long time elder of First Presbyterian Church of Trickle Falls she has waded into controversy before. Protesting outside First Church Beacon Lane Sarah held up a placard of a mangled fetus in front of Sunday School children. She did this to protest First Churches liberal stance on talking about family planning in one session of an adult Sunday School.

Now she has her suburban public school Cherry Heights in her crosshairs.

“Can you imagine my daughter being exposed to that kind of person on the first day of school,” she says with a considerable quiver of disdain in her voice. “President Obama is just trying to convert the young to his socialist agenda. Well this mother is not going to allow it. I will not have him forcing his beliefs on vulnerable minds.”

Sarah and her daughter Kaillie will be attending a PAC meeting for “Bring Back Prayer In Public Schools NOW!”

Sarah contents, “when we quit making our children recite the Lord’s prayer every morning that is when this country started going down hill.”


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