Local Pastor Uncovers Pagan Worship At Presbyterian HQ


Local Minister and emerging emergent voice Adam Walker Cleveland thinks he has uncovered shocking worship at the Presbyterian Center.

“As you can see there is clearly an idol to the god Posiedon in front of the building’s entrance. The horse is obviously Pegasus, Posiedon’s winged horse,” Adam points out.

Poseidon is the Greek god of the sea and maker of earthquakes. Some have even surmised that something much more sinister is going on. Poseidon was the keeper of the Oracle of Delphi and therefore the prophetic tradition of what would happen in the future. Many believe that one of the many 19th century Presbyterian archeologists uncovered the oracle and it was taken under top secret guard to a locked storage room. When the Presbyterian church moved to Louisville, Kentucky there was much rumor about a secret chamber two stories underneath the building.

“It only makes sense,” Tammy Yeary a former Young Adults Ministry worker explains. “There are plenty of rooms that we are told are empty that no one ever enters.”


3 Responses to “Local Pastor Uncovers Pagan Worship At Presbyterian HQ”

  1. Sally Willis-Watkins Says:

    Poseidon is intended to remind us of our baptism, of course. As for Pegasus, I can only surmise that we are intended to see that as a foretaste of the End Times, when we will see Jesus come again. (I’m pretty sure that he won’t be on the horse, though…)

  2. Sharmyn Says:

    Dear PastorOfDisaster, you’re a nut. 🙂

  3. The Rev'd Dr. Hedg E. Mony, Jr. Says:

    I’ve even heard tell of bringing images of the Faery King into our churches, all dressed up in red and erine trim as a Papist uppity-up! I say, leave the Winter Soltace to the Episcopalians!

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