Local Pastor Arrested For Entering Church


A well known African American minister from the Presbytery of Silly Walks in the Pines was arrested at his own church. Rev. Michael Terribon III has been the minister of First Presbyterian Church of 14th Avenue for the past three years. First has been in the gentrified 14th street corridor since the end of the 19th century when it was a poor working class neighborhood.

The incident occurred when Margaret Manderson saw an African-American male in a brown suit exit the church by pushing the door with his shoulder and carrying the American flag. Assuming that the church was being broken into Ms. Manderson immediately called 911. When the police arrived Rev. Terribon was in his office jotting notes for his Sunday sermon. When he refused to produce identification Police Officer Warren Geddings took him into custody.

“We are outraged by both the police and Rev. Terribon’s actions!” elder Emily Johnson claimed. “This just shows that racism is alive and well. The church is also shocked that Michael would try to sneak the flag out of the sanctuary. We put that behind the communion table after 9/11 and our vet will be very unhappy if it is taken down.”

Rev. Terribon was released and not charged when his identity was revealed by the precinct’s secretary who reportedly said, “You know he is the only African-American pastor in this neighborhood?”


One Response to “Local Pastor Arrested For Entering Church”

  1. Tom Says:

    It’s still the elephant in the living room … racism, that is.

    And, now about that flag … ah yes, flag and faith … another step forward for the church of jesus Christ … shall we hang a gun rack beneath the cross, or maybe above it?

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