Presbytery’s Phones Overwhelmed


The Presbytery of Silly Walk’s phones have been overwhelmed this week when a rumor spread that the Presbytery was dissolving its $350,000 Benevolence Fund and giving it to the poor.

Over the weekend a flyer was found all over Central City which stated, “Help the Presbytery of Silly Walks in the Pines become part of the Kingdom of God. We have $350,000 of benevolence we want to give to the poor. Call 703-xxx-xxxx.

Generally Executive Presbytery Georgia Smith assures us that “there was never any intention of giving away the money in the Benevolence Fund. We have already contacted the police about this and hope to have some resolution by evening. What would we do without that money in the stock market and bonds? We need to wait until it is making money again before anything can be touched.”

It is believed that local character and theologian Dr. Marvin Sneddon is responsible for this act.

“This time he may have gone too far” Sister Frances Wolverton stated of her former Sunday School Student.


2 Responses to “Presbytery’s Phones Overwhelmed”

  1. Melissa Lynn DeRosia Says:

    Sounds like it is time to move to an automated phone system to handle such an overflow and direct them in a correct way. Becareful though, this can be an “emotional issue” for some presbyterys.

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