Pastor Fired on Stewardship Sunday

Rev. Harold Mason is currently looking for a new call. After watching his budget plummet at First Presbyterian Church of Giddings Proper and a resistance to using foundational money to pay expenses he felt he must be prophetic.

“I told them that many of them had plenty of money to keep this church going. Some were giving more to alumni societies, professional organizations, gyms and cable companies than to the church. I think the line that made people walk out was when I told them that if they gave more to these things they were sinning. Hey, most presbyterian churches are full of educated, middle to upper middle class people. We even have a fair amount of wealth in the church. Why isn’t it showing up in our offerings?” a shellshocked Mason relayed.

“Look, we come to church to be inspired, not to be talked down to. We hired Rev. Mason to grow the church and that is how to raise money. He just wasn’t fulfilling his responsibilities. That sermon was just the icing on the cake” claimed Mimi Thompson. Mimi is the heir to the oscillating fan fortune of Tommy Thompson.


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