Presbytery’s Coffers Swell


It is hard to imagine that only a few months ago the Presbytery was worried about money. Now the Presbytery is awash with money thanks to the sale of closed churches. The Presbytery decided last year that part of its green duty was to sell churches that had membership under 25 and accommodated more than 150. Part of the proceeds would go to help the churches that these communities were forced to yoke with. Another portion of the money went to help the ailing presbytery budget and another went into a special fund to revitalize existing churches and start New Church Developments.

With the sale of the 10 churches the Presbytery finds itself with an embarrassing abundance of capital. Now there is talk about investing the fund and only using the returns. This has been highly controversial.

“We must protect the principle, that is good stewardship. That money represents life” claims elder and banker Percy Snodpucker.

“Why should we trust these same crooks plan that got our country into this financial mess in the first place? We are not a bank, or brokerage firm, we are a non-profit. I say we spend the money!” Sister Frances Wolverton declares.

“I think that if we are going to be faithful to Jesus we should be prudent with the money that we get.” Generally Executive Georgia Smith adds.

“What are they talking about? Jesus wouldn’t have invested the money, he would have given it to the widows and poor. The early church would have redistributed it amongst the faithful. These tactics are mostly used to shore up power for a select few who distribute the money. Churches have been the most egregious at storing capital at the expense of community.” Terry Scribner, local Catholic worker stated.

Whatever the argument it is great to have money again, isn’t it?


One Response to “Presbytery’s Coffers Swell”

  1. Bobbie McGarey Says:

    Well here’s an idea …with those funds let’s do some new church planting in rural outpost areas where there aren’t any other Presbyterian churches for miles and miles….where there aren’t really any reformed voices being heard.
    what? what you say that is where these churches we closed were located.
    oh never mind

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