Womyn Arrested Protesting Presbytery Meeting


Nine members of the group Presbyterian Womyn were arrested at the Presbytery meeting last night. Their protest erupted when the Presbytery voted on the terms of call for Rev. Rodney Tallman. Tallman’s entire package came to $350,000 a year.

“Rodney needed that amount of money to come close to what his members make.” claims COM member Lydia Lester.

Originally the protest had been merely to hold up placards that say, “Presbyterian Church has unfair labor practices!” Yet, when Tallman’s terms of call were announced bedlam errupted.

Rev. Catherine Sylvian could be heard yelling while being carted away, “I only make $35,000 a year! I’ve been a pastor for 20 years. Can’t you people see how unfair this is?”

“It is just sour eggs. She applied for our position and we decided we wanted someone with more experience. Sure she has been in the church longer, but Rodney has more life experience. Plus, she has no experience running a large church.” Ira Haynes replied indignantly.

“That is always the criticism of female pastors, that they don’t have experience running a large church. The problem with that argument is that it is circular. Women are never given a chance at large churches, so therefore they never get experience running large churches. At some point with such a large percentage of women ministers in seminary these overly patriarchal liberal, moderate and conservative large urban Presbyterian churches will have to break down and hire more women.” Said local feminist theologian Dr. Randell Everrett.

The Presbytery has bailed out the nine Central City pastors as an act of good will. Georgia Smith says, “there will be an investigation, but these are our sisters in Christ.”


12 Responses to “Womyn Arrested Protesting Presbytery Meeting”

  1. Carol Howard Merritt Says:

    Worst. Clipart. EVER.

  2. Melissa Lynn DeRosia Says:

    I agree with Carol, a story of this magnitude should have the clipart to highlight its importance.

  3. Carol Howard Merritt Says:

    Much better. Hey, Melissa, I’ll be the womyn on the left. You want to be the one on the right?

  4. Melissa Lynn DeRosia Says:

    For sure!

  5. landon Says:

    I do believe that’s the only time I’ve ever known Melissa to be “on the right.”

  6. Carol Howard Merritt Says:

    There’s no blonde in the picture, so I’m just imagining her as taller. She is, of course, in actuality, on the left!

  7. landon Says:

    Well, I’m glad we cleared that up.

  8. Carol Howard Merritt Says:

    Or… we might be kicking each other under those skirts, vying for the position…

  9. Melissa Lynn DeRosia Says:

    I don’t wear heals Carol… you might win that battle. Taller, I don’t know? I am 5’5.

  10. Melissa Lynn DeRosia Says:

    Oh and as far as hair color goes… yeah mine isn’t natural. The girls get their beautiful blonde locks from their daddy.

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