Presbytery’s New Ad Campaign


The Presbytery of Silly Walks in the Pines has unveiled its new ad campaign that was put together by the marketing group John C. Douglas. Due to the high cost of this professional firm we ask each church using it in their marketing campaigns give the presbytery a “love gift” of $100.

“There is something vaguely familiar to it, but something that says something vital about our ministry in the Presbytery.” Says Generally Executive Presbyter Georgia Smith.


4 Responses to “Presbytery’s New Ad Campaign”

  1. Emergentleman Says:

    How about, don’t put a , where God wants no , because God follows AP style and doesn’t like the Oxford comma.

  2. pastorofdisaster Says:


    You are definitely Presbyterian material.

  3. Dianna Ott Says:

    I don’t like the font used. And it’s too small. And the color red makes me nervous.

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