New Minister Transfers into Piney Walks


I hope that each of you extend the right hand of fellowship to the newest minister in our presbytery, Rev. Rodney Tallman. Rodney comes to head historic First Presbyterian Church of Central City. Rodney is also a second career minister who was an ad executive for Schlitz. When asked how his ad experience might help him in the parish he explained, “It gives me an insight into what people will buy, I mean what their deepest cares are.”

Before this call Rodney served First Presbyterian Church of Altoona where he oversaw the construction of the giant flashing sign that the church erected on I-37. Even though the cost siphoned money off of accounts intended for missions Rodney was persistent that this sign would do more for the kingdom over the long run than a check to any city shelter. Due to the current economic downturn and the high cost of replacing light bulbs the sign can only be seen on the East bound lanes. Yet, Rodney is still hopeful that it will help his old church recover the members lost during his time as pastor.

It was thought that Central City would finally get its first woman as a head of staff because of its financial woes. They looked hard at many female pastors but none of them had that certain quality that they were looking for in a pastor. Then when Refrigerator Magnet baron Cecil Dawson died and left a portion of his Magnet empire to First they were able to afford the type of minister they desired.

“We knew from the first time we met Rodney that he was the person for us. He is so charismatic and confident, his two kids are adorable and his wife is so sweet. Even though he is in his 50’s we are hoping that he will stay with us for decades” chair of the pastoral nominating committe Ira Haynes gushed.

Instillation will be Sunday and there will be a catered meal following the service.


One Response to “New Minister Transfers into Piney Walks”

  1. Rev. Dr. Hi Steaple Says:

    Quite right, too. There is nothing like a catered meal to start a ministry off right. I hope the offering went to the poor.

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