Graffiti Artist Evangelizes For Jesus


Jeremy Evans walked around the city and noticed something kept re-occurring. It was the ubiquitous graffiti. Graffiti was on buildings, sidewalks, poles and even on some of the trucks. So, this gave the 63 year old pottery teacher a creative idea. Graffiti for Jesus! So, now part of Jeremy’s time is devoted to getting the word out that Jesus Saves. Whether it is in bathrooms, on buildings, on trucks or on the highway by the side of the road his message of Christ’s love have reached literally millions.

“I just want people to know that Jesus is the only way. I could have put of fiberglass crosses, but I didn’t want to sacrifice the integrity of my art.” Jeremy said while admiring his new “Jesus Loves You” tag on the side of a parked Hummer. “I like big cars because they provide me a larger canvas.”

It is impossible to calculate Jeremy’s impact for the Kingdom, but we know his impact on this Presbytery is very appreciated!


2 Responses to “Graffiti Artist Evangelizes For Jesus”

  1. landon Says:

    They call that “evandelism”, right?

  2. BobbieMcG Says:

    well the spray on mud for Hummers is right there too. Just so it looks like you need massive 4 wheel drive

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