Pastor Calls Tornado “God’s Judgement!”


Rev. Terrel Whitworth III claims the tornado that hit First Presbyterian Church of Ideola Bluff was “God’s judgement against their idolatry! They have taken the Bible and made it an idol to worship. The are not welcoming to the stranger because of their campaign to get rid or change homosexuals that visit their church. They are against unity in the body when peace has been extended to them. They even started a lawsuit against the Presbytery, a clear broach of the Word of God.”

Rev. Whitworth III is known for his liberal stances on homosexuality and abortion but has been a timid, unknown minister up until this point in his ministry. Many who have started following him say that it is a clear indication that the Holy Spirit has filled this man of God.

Generally Executive Presbyter Georgia Smith says, “we do not condone any minister in our Presbytery giving God credit for destruction that fits into their ideological positions. I find this very distasteful.”

Members of First have begun picketing Rev. Whitworth’s home with placards saying, “God is love.”

Rev. Whitworth remains resolute, “they need to turn from their unrepentant sin to God. Until then they are doomed to God’s judgement.”


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