Presbytery Staff’s Latest Tirade


In an email that was sent out to the entire Presbytery of Silly Walks an indignant Presbytery staff tells the rest of the Presbytery that they are “not their babysitters!”

The apparent new tirade from staff comes from a growing rift between the staff and local clergy. Many of the clergy have questioned why the Presbytery needs a staff of 11 when many of the churches in the presbytery are cutting their budgets in the economic downturn. Some have even made surprise visits to the offices to find out what some of the staff’s jobs actually entailed (information was refused of course). On one well blogged situation a senior staff member was actually sleeping in a cot in his office.

Yet, this rift extends far past these recent incidents. Allegations of misinformation to protect workers, staff members overriding the decisions of presbytery, and a general disdain for the clergy have all been charges for years. From the staff perspective they have a thankless job that requires them to deal with people that make unrealistic demands. Plus, they claim that what equipment they have is outdated and inadequate.

“We are still using a mimeograph machine to print the Presbytery minutes.” claims a frustrated Generally Executive Presbyter Georgia Smith.

Still there seems to be an impasse between the two sides.

“They treat us like children and a nuisance” said Rev. Bobby Suggs. “At some point they will need to understand that the only reason that they have a job is because of the Presbytery itself.”

On the other hand Presbytery staff worker Monica Sullen relates, “If I had a dime for every time that I had to clean up a mess for a pastor, all the times that I have to deal with an oversized ego, expected to do something that is not in my job description I would be making a whole lot more than I make at this paltry salary.”


One Response to “Presbytery Staff’s Latest Tirade”

  1. The Rev. Dr. Hedg E. Mony, Jr. Says:

    Well, this strikes at the heart of the problem of today’s modern Presbytery.
    Just why would a staff employee presume that their opinion has any currency? And why would the clergy of a presbytery encourage such mis-notions with according any reception of such unwarranted trouble making?
    Of course, the answer lies in our deceived culture that confuses spineless leadership with “enlightened collaboration” or other such non-sense.
    We all have our place in the world and the sooner the Presbytery staff learns that respect and good order are not furthered by dissembling, the better.
    How sad it that these simple folk think they know what is best for the church. It is scandalous that the clergy tolerate indulgence in such delusion.
    I am,
    In satus Quo,

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