Couples With Children Discouraged From Attending Next Meeting


“The Presbytery simply can’t afford your children” that was the statement that came from Generally Executive Presbyter Georgia Smith. Because of risky investments that our board made with banking friends with PSWP assets the Presbytery will be discontinuing its free sitting services and childcare. This comes on the heals of the cancelation of the Presbytery’s youth conference, the dissolution of the young adult committee (18-55) and the budget cuts to college ministries.

“Sometimes there weren’t any children and we still had to pay Maria Martinez and her daughter the $67 that they charged as a fee” said an indignant Presbytery treasurer Gold Stevenson.

When it was pointed out that there was plenty of money going to peacemaking and hunger programs she bellowed, “You will touch that money over my dead body. We are a church that cares about people.”

“Often the younger clergy and laity have complained that there is no childcare, the meetings are at times that two working couples cannot participate, more money is budgeted for missions that are glorifying the past, opportunities for advancement professionally are limited, older clergy are being asked not to retire at their expense, the elder system favors retirees, presbyteries are technologically inadequate, that pay is unequal for younger clergy, power is shared unevenly, there is a lack of transparency amongst back room power players…I’ve heard them all. I still think it is because they are lazy and not as committed as previous generations. When I was young I was home with my babies and Harold took care of all the church business, rest his soul” Sister Frances Wolverton points out.

When it was suggested by this reporter that maybe we could dip into our foundations and endowments to help nurture the future only icy stares responded.


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