Local Presbyterian Designer of T-Shirt Put Up On Charges


In what Generally Executive Presbyter Georgia Smith calls the most frivolous charge in her time in the church the local man who came up with the slogan “Have You Hugged A Presbyterian Today?” has been put up on charges. In celebrating his 100th charge lodged in Presbyterian courts across the nation Pastor Ned Williams wanted it to be “something to remember.” So, Pastor Williams decided to put Charles Dawber in the dock. “I just felt that the t-shirts might lead to inappropriate behavior.”

As many of you know Charles is a wheel chair bound Vietnam War hero. During his time at the Presbyterian Homeless Shelter he is known as Charles “Chuckles” because he can make even the most hardened homeless person smile. He says that he came up with the idea of the t-shirt “Have You Hugged A Presbyterian Today?” to make people smile and lighten the load of their lives.

Pastor Williams says, “I know that Charles is a nice person on the outside, but it is hard to know what is in the heart. He could be the nicest person in the world and I would still bring him up on charges. It is the principle of the thing.”


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