Local Woman Journalist Joins Presbyterian Layman

Local Presbyterian Mary Beth McCormick recently joined the staff of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in America’s official magazine Presbyterian Layman. As a woman she hopes to bring a feminine perspective to a paper that has often catered to the debonair Presbyterian male. She will be submitting (no pun intended) articles that will deal with Sunday School material, the laywomen’s acceptable attire and recipes for the Jello mold.

Before Mary Beth accepted her new job she had both worked for the now defunct Weekly World News and the Piddle Daily News. At the former she wrote obituaries and organized the classified section.

Mary is “ecstatic to be part of such a regal orthodox institution. All of my heroes of the faith were part of the founding of this well respected organization.”

The Presbyterian Lay Committee was indeed founded by great men of faith whom were solid church leaders. As heads of such community oriented businesses as Sunoco, Chase Manhattan Bank, Mutual Life Insurance Company, Coke and American Stores Company these men were corporate leaders that had nothing but the purity of the church in mind when they put together this great organization.

Mary sums it up best when she exclaimed, “Aside from my God, my pit bull Mary II and my Smith and Wesson the Presbyterian Layman is one of the greatest loves in my life.”

Sister Frances Wolverton was less than exuberant in her endorsement of Mary. “Mary Beth? I caught her huffing paint behind the church one Sunday. I should have tanned her hide. At least she is doing something with her life.”

Mary’s close friend Drew Tatusko countered, “even though I have been called apostate in their pages I hope Mary will find what she is looking for.”

Everyone at the Piney Walk News wishes Mary well in her new life.


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  1. Tom Says:

    Thanks for the chuckles …

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