Surprises in Opened Time Capsule


When First Presbyterian Church of Scottish Thrift closed its doors in May it was decided that the church would be deconstructed and sold to an antique furnishings firm called “Church Scrappers”. After the bell tower was taken down with a crane, after each brick had been unfastened, and after each pew had been removed all that was left was the cornerstone. When a sledge hammer descended a long forgotten time capsule emerged. Generally Executive Georgia Smith was present when the capsule’s rusty hinges were pried open.

“It had mostly things that you would expect: drawings from Sunday School Children, The April 19, 1901 Pucket Gazette, a list of the founding members. These all seemed normal, but it was the photo that we found that most baffled us.”

Here is the photo in question:

If you have any information about the photo in question please let us know.


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