Bell Choir Incident Brings in Local Police


World famous bell choir “Ring the Bells” has always been a source of strength and vitality in First Presbyterian Church of Shaky Witness. That is until last Sunday’s fight that broke out between Brian Merritt and Corey Sanderson. Corey indicated that he believed that Brian was “a bit late” on his beginning note on the Patriotic Medley half way through the show. To which Brian replied, “Well at least my notes sound clear.” Soon things escalated into wiping each other’s white gloves on the soles of shoes, breaking the middle C’s handle over the bridge of a nose and a herniated disc due to the violent snapping of a cumber bun. Police booked both on aggravated assault. Shaky Witness police are still interviewing members at First Church and are determining whether to book Brian with resisting arrest for throwing a metronome that accidentally hit officer O’Dowd.


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