Presbytery Wrangles Over Local Theologian


Local theologian Rev. Dr. Marvin Sneddon has been known to turn a head or two with his behavior. There was the time he showed up to Presbytery in a diaper proclaiming that it was “time to put away childish things!” Who could forget the time that he that he dumping buckets of nickels out in front of the bank run by Presbyterian elder Jake Johnson yelling, “These den of vipers, they are preying on the vulnerable.”

Some now feel that Dr. Sneddon has gone too far. He has filled the presbytery office with resumes from convicted thieves for the open job of Assistant Generally Executive Presbyter. When asked he proclaimed, “lest we forget Jesus was put between thieves on a cross. I am only taking literally the Ephesian 4 passage that says that thieves should get a reputable job so that can give money to the poor. I promise you that any one of these convicts will tithe at least 10% to the Presbytery.”

Generally Executive Presbyter Georgia Smith smirked while saying, “Well we are an equal opportunity employer, but I don’t see any of them getting a job in the office.”


3 Responses to “Presbytery Wrangles Over Local Theologian”

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