Top Ten Sermons


Every year we have a contest to see who is the best orator and has the deepest content throughout the presbytery in their sermons. This year it was tough picking out the top ten, but as they say the cream always rises to the top. This year we have a moderator, Pastors, a Lay minister and a clown represented on our list. 8 tracks of these sermons can be received by contacting the Presbytery and a $10 donation. So here they are:

1. The Evils of Contemporary Christian Music (Gateway to Sex, Drugs and Dancing) Sister Frances Wolverton

2. The Post-Modern Church with a Post-Denominational, Post-Constructivist, Post-Structural, Post-Philosophical, Post-Christian, Post-Sermon bent By Bruce Reyes-Chow

3. Jesus Likes Thieves (He Has Stolen My Heart) by Rev. Emma Dryer

4. The Red Hymnal (God’s Chosen Instrument). by Rev. Horace Bellowsmitten

5. Jesus Never Smiled by Rev. Brian Merritt

6. When Moses Saw God’s Backside! by Rev. Lisa Easterling

7. Meet My Dummy Jesus (I’m Not the Dummy You Are) Christian the Christlike Clown

8. WFWJD Rev. Ryan Kemp-Pappan

9. Hell Sucks Rev. Mary Gaines

10. What To Do If You Are Left Behind (Look for Jerry Jenkins) Rev. Beth Morgan


One Response to “Top Ten Sermons”

  1. ryan Says:

    I’d like to thank the academy and Jesus for telling me WTF he would do.

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