First Presbyterian Church Disbands Contemporary Band

First Presbyterian Church of Truefork’s ambitious contemporary service has suffered a major setback. The contemporary band “Servant’s Blood” broke up over creative differences. Lead singer Miles “Rez” Landon contends that all he wanted was “to glorify God through praise, but it seemed that the other members were more interested in worldly accolades.”

Drummer Morris “By his Blood” Smith disagrees saying, “we just weren’t that good. Some of us wanted more time for practice, but Miles was more interested in holding a mini prayer meeting during practice. Quite frankly he was the one who needed the most practice. I guess after a night of drinking it is hard to hit the high notes.”

Known for the fireworks that shot out of of the ends of their instruments and mikes the band’s energy has seemed to flag of late.

“Yeah the lawsuits over burn victims has sort have been a drag” relates guitarist Lars “the power” Stileson.

So the PSWP says RIP Servant’s Blood.


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