PSWP Youth Event


I hope that you have all signed up for this summer youth events at Millwood Conference Center.

This year’s preacher will be Rev. Jimmy Rangle. This will be the 32nd year that he has been the preacher. With the very special puppetry of Rev. Dovis McMannus. He has been doing puppetry to the music of Andre Crouch and 2nd Chapter of Acts since the early 1970’s.

Sister Frances Wolverton will be the song leader. We will be inspired by singing from selections from Presbyterian Camp Meeting 1927. Copies have been made from the Presbyterian Heritage Center at Montreat.
Once again Bob Taylor and Vernice Hairytoll will be providing music with their exciting organ and oboe duo.

Recreation will be making practical items for our missionaries overseas.
Please bring your used t-shirts, old blue jeans and worn coats and we will give them to the poor unfortunates overseas. Nothing is too worn to give to them.

Bible Memorization will be in Terry Hall this week. In deference to our back home leaders children must only memorize 4 passages before each meal.

All worship will be in the big circus tent. It was completely restored after last years tragic pole climbing incident.


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