Top Ten Sentence Starters For Effective Church Growth

Many terrified church leaders attended our Presbytery’s event last weekend at First Presbyterian Church of Sincerity Gorge. Our own Seminary Professor Dr. Tex Staple led a wonderful Church Growth event continuing education event called “The Three S’s: Safe, Secure and Smaller” Although there was too much involved in the program to relay it all we thought that you would be blessed to hear Sentence starters Dr. Staple gave us to tell our sessions and congregations to help develop our churches. Here they are:

1. We tried that and it wasn’t successful before.
2. You are new to the church, you don’t understand.
3. Where did the visitor’s go to college?
4. Please take your children to the nursery before they bother others.
5. We need more young adults in their 40’s and 50’s.
6. They would be happier with their own kind.
7. That issue would make people feel uncomfortable.
8. We are a friendly congregation that ends services right on time.
9. That is the Pastor’s job.
10. The problem is that they really don’t know what it means to be

We hope that these will enrich your ministries.


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