White Baby Boom Ministers Talk of All They Did For Civil Rights


Two of our most prominent ministers Rev. Bert Flaxsom and Rev. Terrel Beavison have decided to write the story of their experiences as 60’s agitators for the rights of Southern African Americans.

“We just are so sick of the inaction of these young people and they really do not appreciate all the things my generation has done. They are quite selfish and arrogant.” Bert points out.

“All the things that we saw in television stirred in us a righteous anger that made it clear that we must do something.” Terrel added.

Bert remembered, “We decided that freedom riding was too dangerous, and there were many fine people already doing that. We also worried about the structural safety of the Pettis Bridge. We decided that we would show our support in a much more creative way. Organizing a social justice committee we wrote a resolution saying we supported those poor people’s rights. Although it was never adopted by the Presbytery Terrel and I led a spirited discussion on the floor of Presbytery. For that we endured years of having a reputation as rebel rousers in the Presbytery. It was worth it to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. ”

So, Bert and Terrel have decided to remember those harrowing and dangerous days for the next generations so the many who sacrificed will not be forgotten. They will be setting up a booth at next presbytery meeting. The book “Our Eyes Were On the Prize” will only be $35.00.


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