Piney Walk News Stirs Controversy With Evangelical Presbyterian

Obviously a very confused Pastor David Fischler mistakenly thought we at the Piney Walks News were referring to his denomination when we referred to the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in America. We are sorry that he is so confused and missed the A at the end. Your denomination sounds fascinating. I’m sure that it is much like our wonderful denomination, and we see that from your blog you have a deep concern for our denomination as well. In the future I am sure that when we refer to his denomination we will give it as fair an accounting as Rev. Fischler has attempted to give on his blog of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America. I apologize to all the brothers and sisters in Christ who are deeply offended by the reporting on our individual churches here in the Piney Walk. I invite Rev. Fischler to take a walk in the Piney Woods and take a few deep breaths of the cool clean air.

Here is the note from the good pastor:
“Your claim that the EPC (not EPCA) is initiating conversations with churches seeking to leave the PCUSA is untrue and entirely without foundation. If you have proof of such unethical behavior, bring it forward. If you don’t, you owe many brothers and sisters in Christ an apology.

By the way, you refer to the EPC as “tepidly growing.” It’s true that our membership hasn’t grown a lot; on the other hand, our average Sunday attendance is almost 100% of our membership. Can the PCUSA claim even half that?”

As Sister Francis Wolverton always says: “My God is big enough to include you, is your God big enough to include me?”


One Response to “Piney Walk News Stirs Controversy With Evangelical Presbyterian”

  1. Kathy Randall Says:

    That’s why we love Sister Wolverton!!! And maybe that should be a button.

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