Sister Frances Wolverton’s Final Report From the PW Gathering


It was with much sadness that I departed from the Presbyterian Women Incorporated Gathering in Louisville, Kentucky. I was afraid to stay any longer in town because I didn’t trust the neighbor boy Todd watering my prizing winning squash. Today I mainly shopped for gifts. I found this wonderful store that everything was so cheap. It had my favorite word in its name, “Thrift”. There is nothing more Calvinist about being thrifty. I learned that from those nice kids on The God Complex radio.

I picked up a macrame owl for my daughter who lives with that dancer in New York City. For my newly married niece I found a perfectly good fondue pot. I selfishly bought myself a new girdle.

Judy was with me and the cloths she bought were scandalous. She bought one of those, “I don’t have a drinking problem” T-Shirts I saw Clem wearing when he threw up outside Ben’s Tavern. It was obviously too small and cut at the bottom. Who wants to see that belly button coming at them in 3-D.

Goodbye Louisville and goodbye all my good friends.


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