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First Presbyterian Church of the Simple Way claims it is being persecuted in the latest press conference Pastor Williams held on Wednesday for local and national media outlets. Ever since Williams resigned as Presbytery’s Council Chair and head of the Foundations Trustees over the suggestion that his church needed a representation of women elders there has been tension. Williams also claims that “Even discussion of ordaining homosexuals is an abomination to God and anyone talking about such an unsavory subject should be put up on charges.” So, in keeping with his word Williams has forwarded complaints on a list of 40 apostates, heretics and openly LGBT people to different Presbyteries around the United States.

The rift over LGBT’s became apparent at last July’s Presbytery meeting when at the recommendation of the Social Justice Group (they do not have official presbytery status) that we make a statement against discrimination in the workplace for people who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgendered. At the end of the Social Justice Group’s presentation Pastor Williams slammed his Bible on the table and screamed, “this is evidence of the PC (USA) leaving its historic, biblical, Reformed Traditions!”

Now First Presbyterian’s lawyers have issued a restraining order against the Generally Executive Presbyter Georgia Smith, the Presbytery Council, The Stated Clerk and every voting member of the Presbytery. “We don’t care if we bankrupt the Presbytery through our litigation, we have the truth of Jesus Christ on our side” Pastor Williams said as flanked by two lawyers hired with funds from the Faith, Democracy and Power think tank. In an attempt to figure out how to claim property that they have obviously no right of ownership First Church hired experts that are looking at loop holes in the Book of Order.

Many believe that First Church will eventually tire of their persecution and join the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of America. The Evangelical Presbyterian Church of America is a tepidly growing denomination that ascribes to only the Westminster Confession and a much more evangelical interpretation of scripture. Part of its growth is from the trickle of churches that have left our mother denomination to be with this much more restrictive denomination. While the EPCA claims that it is not recruiting these churches on its national website in another section it is encouraging them to be a part of its denomination. Also missionaries in church growth from EPCA have blogged about every conflicted church’s property issues linking to our denomination’s sites (especially the conservative ones). Some have said that there have been many secret discussions between conservative church leaders and this denomination initiated by leaders of the EPCA. Many inside this denomination are connected to the shadowy Washington think tank Faith, Democracy and Power (whose one stated goal is to make all denominational churches look like their historic black and white photos). It is reported that FDP is funded by a few wealthy families who own cheap beer companies in the United States.


3 Responses to “Church Sues Presbytery”

  1. David Fischler Says:

    Your claim that the EPC (not EPCA) is initiating conversations with churches seeking to leave the PCUSA is untrue and entirely without foundation. If you have proof of such unethical behavior, bring it forward. If you don’t, you owe many brothers and sisters in Christ an apology.

    By the way, you refer to the EPC as “tepidly growing.” It’s true that our membership hasn’t grown a lot; on the other hand, our average Sunday attendance is almost 100% of our membership. Can the PCUSA claim even half that?

  2. Kathy Randall Says:

    I take it a sense of humor is not required for membership in the EPC. Somehow, I’m not surprised. Of course, a sense of humor isn’t required for membership in the PC(USA), but it helps!

  3. David Fischler Says:

    Sorry I missed the humor. It was easy, since stuff exactly like this has come so freely out of Louisville and various presbyteries–only they aren’t trying to be funny.

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