Sister Frances Wolverton’s 4th Report From The PW Gathering


First off I would like to apologize for all the people whom I offended last night after dinner. I would especially like to apologize to Toots the Clown. Making farting noises every time I saw you was juvenile and well beneath a person of my stature.

Judy asked me to eat at a local restaurant and I did not want to be inhospitable. Unfortunately, there was a failure to communicate between her and I (Applebee’s can be kinda loud). The pitcher that I thought was sweetened ice tea actually was from Long Island. I don’t know what kinda tea they drink in the New York, but after four or five glasses of this tea I was a little woozy.

I am told that I tried to kiss a picture of the moderator of the General Assembly and I messed up Michael Adee’s hair. As fate would have it I have very little memory of anything after about 5:15 p.m. I do remember trying to ride a pony at one point, but someone tells me it was a seeing eye dog.

Well, I have very little to report this morning except everything is way too loud. I have felt a little queasy and I am sick of everyone’s whispers and disapproving stares. I may go back to my room for a little nap. Other than that I am having a rip roaring time.


2 Responses to “Sister Frances Wolverton’s 4th Report From The PW Gathering”

  1. Magdalene6127 Says:

    Oh Lordy! I love Sister Frances!!!

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