First Church Starts Investment Bankers Support Group

Dr. M. S. Davie's First Baptist Sunday school Class

When Pastor Michael Higgenbottom III (a third generation Presbyterian clergy) saw a need in his faith community at First Presbyterian Church Downtown Capital City he acted. “It all began when I ask Charles Emory IV why he looked so down. Well it turns out that because of some investments that people in the press were calling risky he had caused the financial ruin of 100’s of investors. He was understandably down.”

Charles lamented, “It was so unfair. Everyone was investing in the same things, how was I to know that making 20% returns annually could not be sustained? Of course I have done well for myself over the years but this year even I have felt the pinch. We have cut our Nanny Lola and imagine what I had to tell my 10 year old son? She has been walking him since he was born.” It was not only a nanny, but Charles cut down on his Fall landscaping expense and put off the addition to his second home in Maine.

“Everyone is feeling the pinch in this downturn” Rev. Higgenbottom claims. So, with the 10 or 11 investment bankers in their congregation Charles and Michael hit upon a plan, a church support group.

“You know the Psalms say it is good for brothers to come together in unity.” Charles says gently, “and we are trying to be there for each other.”

The group will be meeting Sunday evenings at the President’s Club Downtown. Only those who are investment bankers should show up because as Rev. Higgenbottom points out, “others would just not understand their pain.”


2 Responses to “First Church Starts Investment Bankers Support Group”

  1. Carol Howard Merritt Says:

    Oh my… bless their hearts. No wonder giving is down at First, DCC. I heard that their pastor was caught foraging for food in the church pantry, and the elders still would not approve him a cost of living increase this year. But now that I realize that the addition was delayed, it all makes a lot of sense.

  2. pastorofdisaster Says:

    Yes, pastor Sherritt should never have been seen in the food pantry. Have a little dignity.

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