Frances Wolverton’s 3rd PW Gathering Report


I am now reporting from the Presbyterian Women Incorporated Gathering. Last night PW’s decided to incorporate. In solidarity with our Presbyterian Sisters a group of us from the Presbytery of Silly Walks in the Pines attending the Conference decided to incorporate as well. In sisterhood is power.

Some here have despaired over the fact that there are no young women at the conference (women under the age of 50). I think that is silly. I think that if we do things the same way as we always have, without any changes, they will eventually be interested in the same things we are.

I have seen some PSWP t-shirts…praise Jesus. Judy seems to have spill ketchup on hers. Why must she wear more food than gets into her mouth? Plus, woman please close your mouth when you chew, I do not want the image of masticated food in your big mouth imprinted on my mind tonight when I go to the Lord in prayer.

I am having a cracking good time at this wonderful event and I am learning so much about Joshua, not Bell from Pigeon Neck but the Old Testament Biblical Character. You can always count on the Horizons to give us good Bible Study material.


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