First Church Still Awaits 20 Ft. Fiberglass Jesus


First Presbyterian Church of Sanctified Blood is still waiting for the 20 ft. fiberglass Jesus to attach to their specially made wooden exterior cross. The cross itself was made from a rare Cedar tree in Lebanon. Gibsons signs is creating the large Jesus and says that it has just finished drying the last drips of red paint down Jesus’ side. When installed the Jesus will be affixed with a button that when pressed will show each passerby the love of Jesus Christ that is on display inside.

Rumor has it from our own Sister Frances Wolverton that one of the sayings is: “Let’s go inside and worship together…Ho, Ho I’m too big to go inside. Plus, I am nailed to this cross. Ho, Ho I’ll see you after the service!”

When the Jesus is nailed to the cross there will be a dedication and bagpipe review. You will not want to miss the Angry Scotsmen when they blow their horns!


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