Frances Wolverton’s Second Report From The Churchwide PW Gathering


Good Gawd, what a day! I am tuckered and we still have a lot more time to go. They sure have not made any money on me for food, I am afraid.

You know me…I don’t like to gossip, it being a sin and all, but Judy plopped her considerable frame right down next to me and began talking during worship. Can you imagine? Please woman wear something that doesn’t allow your flesh to flow over your seat and into my personal space. Girdle? When she wasn’t talking to me she was chomping on gum and I could barely hear the Word (which I hear from others was fabulous). I haven’t even told you the worst of it. Someone needs to tell Judy that no matter how loud she sings what comes out of her mouth will never be glorifying to the Lord. I have heard horses whinnying more reverently. All in all I have had a wonderful time.

I was sorry to hear about Cliti’s dog. Sometimes they do become interested in female dogs again after they have gotten that experience out of their system.

That is all for now.


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