Resolutions on Resolutions Committee Meets


At the Silly Walks in the Pines’ Resolutions on Resolutions Committee on Wednesday controversy erupted when an appendix to resolution B-34548 was accidently omitted in the copying process.

“This is not in order!” concerned committee chair Nancy Alwaysben said in a clipped tone.

Thumbing through stacks of Parliamentarian Digest and a well worn copy of Robert’s Book of Rules Sister Frances Wolverton claimed, “this is without precedent in this committee, I am quite speechless on the correct procedure moving forward.”

To add to the drama this appendix explained the correct way to fold a resolution to mail out to Presbyters. This left the committee members to ponder for over an hour on what would be the best way to fold a resolution on bird safety if the committee should ever receive such a resolution in the future.

The missing document was eventually found folded neatly in the recycling bin. The meeting was suspended until September when there will be a first reading of the appendix.


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