Temperance Now!


Sister Lilah Pussdecker sees herself as a 21st Century Carrie Nation. Admitting that she is the only member of her 21st Century Women’s Christian Temperance Union she says she is confident that soon her 24 year old movement will catch on.

“The entire problem with alcohol is that people are dehydrated. They need a scoop of water to drink instead of Beer.” Lilah said as she stood outside the popular Pinkerton Tavern the Hotsie Totsie with her trademark scoop and bucket.

Even though her own own session at First Presbyterian Church of Silent Horse voted 0-12 against her resolution to the General Assembly for a post-modern temperance movement Lilah is unbowed. “They will all come around. God is on my side. They have only just begun to see me fight.”

Then Lilah turned to offer a cup of water to a group of executives having a martini lunch.


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