Kirk in the Piney Woods Camp Closes

Kirk in the Piney Woods Camp Before the Piney Woods Were Planted

Historic PSWP camp Kirk in the Piney Woods has seen its last camper. Yesterday a special service was held to close down the camp which has been at 15% capacity over the last few years. Certainly another victim of the current economic downturn, poor investing (in Bernie Madoff) and the competitive market for camps has doomed this historic campsite.

Started in 1930 to foster “patriotism, faith and nature learning” the camp found a great amount of success from parents who wanted to be free of their children for a few weeks in the hot summer months.

Sister Frances Wolverton remembers “We didn’t have anything but a dirt trail, a mud hole, a fire and our Bibles. Kids these days want horses, soccer and ballet. They are spoiled if you ask me. We need to get them back to the basics.”

The 140 acres will be difficult to find a buyer because of its current location abutted to the Firestarter County Landfill. Yet, camp director and groundskeeper Camille LeBron Powell remains optimistic. “I think someone could use this for a wonderful trailer park or cranberry orchard” she said wiping a tear from her eyes.


2 Responses to “Kirk in the Piney Woods Camp Closes”

  1. Drew Tatusko Says:

    i think the presbytery needs to start a massive capital campaign to rebuild or relocate the camp under the theory that you need to spend money to make it. there needs to be a massive recreation center as well. i think a goal of 21 million would probably do it. it’s an important venue for presbyterian kids from june 15 to july 15 every year. they could also charge families $500 a session to recoup some other costs.

    now the tough part is how to displace the people in the adjacent trailer park in order for the camp to be as sightly as possible. also, we all know those places cater to unsavory types which is not decent and in order. but i am guessing that it would all be worth it for the sake of the gospel.

  2. pastorofdisaster Says:

    Actually the massive capital campaign will be needed to pay off the debts incurred when we shifted all of the camp’s investments from Maydoff to GM.

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